Skiers and Snowboarders Reunite

Snowboarders are returning to join the world's best freeskiers at Thredbo Alpine Resort for the Toyota One Hit Wonder Big Air from the 5th-9th of September 2017. It's a long overdue homecoming in what will surely be one loved-up session on the biggest and funnest jump built in Australia.

Thanks to our longtime partner Toyota doubling the prize pool for the event, both skiers and boarders will be vying for $10k each in two separately judged world tour level Big Air competitions, before mixing it together in randomly drawn teams of 3 for the fun and frivolity of the athletes GoPro Challenge. The GoPro Challenge will see each team handed a bag of GoPro cameras & mounts and given 24hrs to session the jump, edit and upload their finest 60 second segments using Quik where the public has a hand in deciding the winning clip. 

Clint Allan competing in 2010 at the then One Hit Wonder Down UnderClint Allan competing in 2010 at the then One Hit Wonder Down Under.

Although now in its ninth year running, snowboarders haven't officially competed in the Toyota One Hit Wonder Big Air since 2010.

"In a time when competition is often criticized for producing podium runs that are barely distinguishable between one another, it's an incredible feat for Australia to now have one of the only snowboard events with a jump big enough to actually push the benchmark of Big Air tricks globally." -Richard Hegarty, Snowboard Director.

Alek OstrengRK1 original Alek Ostreng seeing what's possible, 2015.

Next year’s PyeongChang Winter Games will mark the debut for snowboard Big Air in Olympic competition, replacing parallel slalom, and whilst skiers will have to wait for a future Olympiad to have the Big Air discipline added to their schedule it certainly reflects the way both sports have been embraced by a varied audience outside of the action sports community.

"We are very excited to build a jump feature that caters for both disciplines. It's twice as much fun for both the riders and the crowd having everyone up at the top of Thredbo in perfect Spring conditions showcasing what the world's best can do, especially ahead of an Olympic season." -Timothy Myers, Media Director.

Andy Lloyd followed by cameraman Timothy MyersAndy Lloyd followed by cameraman Timothy Myers in the very first One Hit Wonder Down Under, 2009.

The Toyota One Hit Wonder Big Air jump is often the last (and the only) 100ft+ jump constructed in the Southern Hemisphere, making it desirable for riders looking for a safe environment to hone their bag of tricks before heading into the Northern Hemisphere circuit. Combined with forgiving Spring conditions not only means a spectacle for the crowd, but also an insight into what we could expect to see from the South Korean stadium-based Olympic experiment next February.

Ski and snowboard athletes hoping to compete in the invitation-only national World Snowboard Tour and gold AFP Toyota One Hit Wonder Big Air event are welcome to register their interest now on the event Registration page.