And The Oscar Goes To

The GoPro Game Show judging panel awarding the Oscar consisted of a handpicked jury from the Toyota One Hit Wonder Foreign Press Association. They had the following to say about the film that will take top honours. 


When The Sun Did Finally Come Out

At the top of Thredbo Resort is a ballet of steel and snow. The dancers are huge winch cats and park grooming machines. Their red costumes are vibrant against the white-out that is finally subsiding ironically on the last day of scheduled competition. The choreography is constant and mesmerising. Though it isn't the graceful movement that spectators have come to expect from the biggest jump on the AFP World Tour... But as tomorrow's forecast calls for sun, the shoveling and shaping need to be done, because no one is leaving without a finale.


What To Expect from the GoPro Game Show

The clouds are giving way to sunshine and Sunday will be the day that the Toyota One Hit Wonder Big Air finally gets to see some action. Though with the foregone week of wild weather blowing the event schedule out the window, what exactly can we expect from tomorrow?  


Building The Jump

After almost an entire week of snowfall at Thredbo, it seems like sunshine is finally in the forecast. When one of the worlds biggest jumps has been sitting dormant under cloud and wind, this is welcomed news for the athletes who have otherwise been sitting on their hands all week long. But when the abating fog reveals a perfectly manicured snow-creation that excites none more so than the worlds best, will we ever properly appreciate how it came to tower before us it melts into the months of Spring? Let's scratch the surface of the construction efforts behind the Toyota One Hit Wonder Big Air. 


Winston Surfshirt Headlines the Festival After Party

Live music and rocking apr├Ęs down in the Village are as synonymous with Thredbo in September as the huge jump built up the top of the mountain. The 2017 One Hit Wonder Mountain Festival is bringing together all the elements for an incredible alpine experience. Although the current forecast may delay the World Tour Big Air event until later in the week, the next few days promises a rare (but epic) Spring blizzard, so don't consign your powder skis and boards to the cupboard under the stairs just yet. And we all know there is no point to a powder day if there is no where to brag about it afterwards... Cue the music.